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Finding Your Vibe: The Art Of Creating Your Ritual

January 07, 2016 2 min read

Have you ever noticed we become so bogged down in the hectic pace of our lives and enveloped by the overwhelming sadness in the world, that what really moves us gets lost in the mess? We have all been taught that true success is a life that is packaged perfectly in a neat, tidy little box. And when this fails to happen (which it will fail because a life that is truly LIVED is rarely neat and tidy), we become almost crippled by disappointment in ourselves and others. All this trying to keep up with the Jones's and meeting the expectations the world has for us is freaking exhausting. It literally sucks the fire from your soul.

Good Vibes

We laid out our resolutions a few posts back and the common thread tying them all together is the act of being in the moment. Just truly being there and accepting the craziness around us but not letting it extinguish the beauty in our lives. Like with any challenge in our lives, we must develop a coping mechanism or ritual to help get us in the right mindset for this to happen. Personally, we prefer the label of ritual. It seems more mysterious and free spirited. And we dig those aspects of life. Whether it be taking 10 minutes first thing in the morning to meditate, writing in a journal, a long run, or a cup of tea by candle light to just calm the hurried mind of ours. We think a ritual of sorts is a habit we all should develop.  Anything that can bring that stillness and happy energy is worth exploring. One thing we all need more in this world is good vibes and learning to create that for ourselves is a priceless gift. 


So today, we challenge you to find that ritual, that thing that helps you channel that amazing spirit of yours. And remember, at the end of the day it is easier to sleep thinking about the things that make us smile than worrying about who we disappointed.

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