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Details are what make the champagne sparkle and the story come alive. We  have put together a small collection of pieces that are sure to help to add a touch of rustic magic to your special day.

GJ event Rental

Our business is tailored to a journey that is upscale but rugged, classy yet adventurous.   In fact, we think that the current mode of life can be compared to a modern wild wild west.  If you think about it....things aren't really that different, just more modern.   We thrive on the unconventional bohemian gypset approach of living.  This exotic, down to earth lifestyle combines the carefree life of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jetset - GYPSET.
Some of our beautifully curated collection that will set the scene for your event. 
Rental 1
Big Kahuna Peacock Chair-$185.00 and Always Light Sign-$200-235
Peacock Chair
Brown Ornate Peacock Chair-$125
Marquee 1
Peace Marquee Light- $100-$135
Raleigh Sign
Vintage Raleigh Letters-$150-175
White Vintage Trunk
White Vintage Truck-$55-95
Our collection is growing stay tuned!
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