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About Us

In the business world, you're supposed to have this spill, called a "pitch" about who you are and what your business is.
Here it is as best as we can describe it....
We are not like the others.  
We are like the others that are small businesses, locally owned, independent shops run by eclectic team members. (you might say..."misfits")
Please don't call us a "boutique".  We prefer the title "mercantile".  It fits because you never know what you might find on the other side of our door. ..boutique is just too fru fru for what we do.  In fact, Misfit Mercantile describes us precisely.  We don't really fit into the typical idea of retail.  Yes, there are shoes, tops, etc.  for your browsing pleasure.  But what you will find is an experience that is different than the others.  We believe in finding the humor in this ride called life and creating an environment that is comfortable yet eclectic. 
Our business is tailored to a journey that is upscale but rugged, classy yet adventurous.   In fact, we think that the current mode of life can be compared to a modern wild wild west.  If you think about it....things aren't really that different, just more modern.   We thrive on the unconventional bohemian gypset approach of living.  This exotic, down to earth lifestyle combines the carefree life of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jetset - GYPSET.  
When you walk through our doors or browse our online shop, you'll find apparel that is for the free spirited soul, the adventurer, the one that walks to his/her own beat.  Mostly casual, we aim to bring you a mix that will excite and add value to your journey.  Imagine a closet filled with easy to wear, casually exotic and utilitarian apparel.  We believe in artisan quality shoes created with a modern yet timeless style.
Decor for your casa that isn't stuffy, nor follows any rules, we create a melody of highs and lows to create an entertaining yet homey feel.   Vintage, new and creative combinations that aren't copycats.  Browse our selection of handmade and repurposed items that come together in a one of a kind way.  Our style of design is characterized by "something old", "something new" and "something creative".  
We appeal to those who seek a non mall experience, something that stimulates the senses and appeals to the creative jetsetter.  
We strive to keep it entertaining with a selection of goods that are hand selected and are meant to be thoughtful additions to your lifestyle.  
Do you like to travel?
Are you a wanderlust soul?
Rebel?  Misfit?
Do the arts speak to you and drive your passion for life?
Are you part of the modern day jet set crowd that thrives on rustic and adventurous travels?
yes..Yes and YES?!
modern wild wild west combined with the gypset
..welcome to our Gypset Tribe.
...welcome to our Misfit Mercantile.
Visit Gypsy Jule at 207 W. Davie St., Raleigh, NC 27601
Who We Are